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Artistic work

Alexis Gicart ©

Baptiste's study path is as much in the field of visual arts as in choreography: Municipal Conservatory of Mont-Saint-Aignan, École Supérieure d'Art et Design de Rouen (ESADHaR), Académie Royale des Beaux- Arts de Bruxelles (ArBA), Art workshop in public space (AESP) and Higher Institute of Arts and Choreography (ISAC).

For several years, Baptiste has been passionate about the links that are created between a space and its human life, its plasticity and the dramaturgies that result from it. In constant collaboration, between contemporary dance and visual arts, he strives to constantly update what is current for him.  By studying a context, he takes up these contemporary issues that are sensitive to him to make an aesthetic, political and poetic approach in the work. Thus a plastic narration of bodies takes place in contemporary writing.

Whether for group pieces, solo performances or installations, Baptiste's pieces are constructed from a sensory logic and the principle of active presence: the choreographer starts from the sensation put to work by somatic practices and considers bodies on stage equally to objects, sounds, lights and spaces that function on stage as plastic textures.

A form of endurance of slowness brings empirical bodies onto the stage, thus deploying a singular aesthetic in each piece.


He created his first piece Tiger Balm in 2017 on the study of the material coal. He connects this material with its geological history and the principle of tracings made by bodies which develops an aesthetic of quiet chaos.

His second piece Ressac presented in 2023 addresses the question of the seaside landscape as a necessity to bring its complexity and these ecological issues into the contemporary Western vision.

He launched a research laboratory in 2019 on the theme of gymnasiums. This educational place of bodies is approached as a heterotopia. The piece currently being created will develop the notion of the utopian body fantasized like a hacker of the historic gymnasium. (Creation planned between 2024-2025).

He was selected in tandem with the artist Alix Dussart in 2027 at the Watch This Space 9 Contemporary Art Biennale of the 50° NORD – 3° EST network in 2017. They created the video installation This world needs everything, except additional information at FRAC Picardie.

As a performer and collaborator, he was able to work, among others, on the projects of Lorenzo De Angelis (De la force exercé 2017), Pierre Droulers (Dimanche 2018, Les beaux-jours 2019, Occupations 2021), Sophie Perez & Xavier Boussiron - cie Le zerep (Y is missing more than the orchestra 2019), Doria Garcia (The Sinthome Score 2015), Yves Noël Genod (L'amour 2016), Christophe Haleb - cie La zouze (Hnonym 2014), Laurie Peschier- Pimont (The work of art 2014).


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